1. On m'avait déjà dit qu'une langue pouvait rentré aussi profond dans l'anus d'un mec ,
    Mais j'y croyais pas ! Là, c'est chose faite ; )

  2. Les USA creusent de plus en plus profond leur propre tombe. Qui sait si elle va atteindre la fosse des Mariannes…

  3. La bipolarité de Kanye West ne peut pas excuser sa stupidité. "Free Mind" qu'il dit. Quand on dit que l'esclavagisme était un choix, c'est normal qu'on se retrouve à faire un câlin à Donald Trump. Pitoyable

  4. Et ton iphone 10,il vient d'où espèce de couillon, tu reproches aux entreprises de produire en Chine en achetant leur produit, leur vêtements etc….
    Ah la stupidité n'a point de limite

  5. Devide and conquere, keep buying his goofy ass shoes 👞👟 and watching KUWTK 🎥🎬📺 sheeple its an agenda they manage to pull over peoples heads without them knowing, its working. Tip of iceburg.

  6. Kanye speaks as a man in his transition from blind to seeing from slave to free he does not speak eloqent but his message is spectacular and real fake news attacks his grammer and bad words but in church when a person comes to the Lord they are so excited they explain there new life with a slip or two no one judges there error because its a fresh new start at a new begining THESE LIBS DISGUST ME…LATINO FOR TRUMP

  7. Amend. 13: only 23% of democrats voted to end slavery. 100% Republican.
    Amend 14: giving blacks equal rights and due process under the law: 100% Rep. ZERO Democrats
    Amend 15: giving black citizens the right to vote: 100% Rep, ZERO Democrats

  8. He makes Trump look so normal and benign. But Kanye's seizing of the moment to make his love of Trump very clear and to climb over to him and hug him was a symbolic act of apology on behalf of all those who he knows will never stop giving Trump shit because he's rich and white. That racism. Kanye is apologizing on behalf of a lot of people. He made Trump feel very good, and he solidified his position a kind of volunteer ambassador to the white house. Trump probably thinks he's nuts, but more importantly he knows the political value of Kanye's support, but he may also know that the two aspects are inversely proportional.

  9. I’m black and I support trump! Other black people that complain are entitled schmucks that don’t do anything with their lives!

  10. This meeting seems to me to be quite a bit better than Snoop Dogg doing coke with Obama in the White House. Sorry libtards but it's true

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