The Great Unraveling Of President Donald Trump’s Defenses | Deadline | MSNBC

WaPo’s Aaron Blake, MSNBC analyst Elise Jordan, former Rep. David Jolly, former U.S. atty Harry Litman, and former fed prosecutor Paul Butler on the weekend twitter spree over the multiple investigations he’s facing & more bizarre statements from his attorney Rudy Giuliani
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The Great Unraveling Of President Donald Trump’s Defenses | Deadline | MSNBC
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  1. Anyone who believes Trump didn't hasn't laundered money for the Russian's, read this:
    THIS is just one reason why the investigation is taking so long. Money laundering by definition, does whatever it can to muddy the waters (much like Giuliani and Trump himself). There's also tax fraud, other fraud, obstruction, etc., but the money laundering for the Russians is at the heart of conspiracy and treason. It is one explanation for Trump's obvious subservience to Putin – it's really disturbing. I bet you that if you went back to 1950's or 1960's, and told them that a US President would be conspiring with Russia, and is even subservient to the Russian leader, they would not only say you were nuts, they would call you a communist. If you then told them that the GOP would back this president, as would a large number of Republicans and other Americans, they would probably have you arrested for being a communist spy trying to spread propaganda. Oh, how times have changed. SMH. This shows that some people will put their heads in the sand, ignoring facts completely, or calling them lies, if it doesn't fit with what they believe – their own chosen narrative (I've often seen that very same thing in religion).

  2. 362 Trump supporters disliked this video and blindly supporting this man who's not making " America great again"right before there eyes.

  3. Corruption??? Yea God bless Obamie–Don't they shoot Traitors oh, I forgot Hibery and Billyboy?? But I digress, Mdm. Pelosi might what think trying a LARGER attachment on her strap-on for "Crying Chucky" !! Plus, where was this Happy group of reporters , when Obamite sighed in the back-door (pardon the pun) legislation–when he wasn't even a legit citizen.????

  4. President Trump took the oath of office to uphold the Constitution so isn't he under oath to tell the truth to the American people

  5. Stop using the name president loosely, a real president doesn't act this way, you all take a problem undisciplined uneducated person and stamp the title president on him, fox news is the president

  6. Are there any states that Americans don't describe as "great" ie the Great State of Utah, or Florida? I've been to Arkansas btw.

  7. they act like its a big deal every time we hear a new lie or of a new crime but it would be the biggest news in 2 years if anybody on his team told the truth or admitted to one crime

  8. It's now rather obvious that Rudi isn't there to be Trumps lawyer!..He's there to totally confuse the issue! To say one thing on one network, and then say something entirely different on another!..Or deny he ever said anything at all! His problem arises when so many things have been said, or denied, that he becomes confused and even says his denials were in fact..True!..He's done it over and over to the point, i believe, he's become utterly baffled and confused about what he said in the first place! It's there for all to see and it's becoming quite hilarious as he bumbles and bungles his mangled story's to the "Enemy of the people" that all his credibility is out the window, and off down the street!

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