1. I think number 21 should be retired all across the MLB similar to Jackie Robinson because Clemente opened the door for latino players.

  2. Thanks for this fantastic video ! It says it all !! I used to stand over the bull pen to be as close as possible to him. We got a "tip of the hat" from him when we hung a banner over the bull pen (Happy Birthday, Roberto !). It was one of the biggest thrills of my life when he did that. Watching him throw from far right field to 3rd or home plate with such precision? "Beauty in motion". You had to SEE it to believe it. I am so glad I had the pleasure and honor to have seen him play.

  3. The greatest player of all times was Babe Ruth who could hit and pitch. Just imagine a player throwing a shutout tonight and hitting 3 HRs tomorrow night. When other players were hitting 20 homers Ruth had over 40. He hit for power and average and was legendary. Ruth was way superior than his peers and nowadays would be a 30 plus $Million a year player.

  4. Well he is technically right.. but Willie was the greatest ballplayer ever.. and Brock and Henderson stole over 2000 bases between those aren't really fair comparisons. Clemente was just a great player in his own right.

  5. Roberto Clemente makes me wear my number with pride. The amazing person he was on and off the field. It is a privlidge to wear his number. Respect to this guy.

  6. It's messed up that sports illustrated.. didn't have clemente on the front cover of any 12 issue in "1973" after his death. Not one!! The man just hit 3000 and had a fantastic career. Sport illustrated.. you people suck!!!

  7. Beside the fact that he was a great ball player, Roberto Clemente was, more importantly, a class "A" person, a great humanitarian, and a role model, the likes of which is seldom seen 40 years after his untimely death.

  8. I think you're going waaay too far with the gushing my man! I mean, Wille Mays was better than Clemente! Lou Brock and Rickey Henderson were way faster, and Hank Aaron's bat was much quicker. When someone dies young like Clemente sadly did, we tend to go overboard with the praise. Please sir, calm down and be more rational!

  9. It's hard to explain Roberto to anyone who didn't see him play. As stated, it isn't the numbers. You just couldn't take your eyes off him. He was the most graceful speed runner in the game, his arm was the most powerful and accurate, and his bat was as quick and powerful as anyone's. I'd rather see Clemente play again than watch Ali box, Pele kick a soccer ball, or Jim Brown run the football. He wasn't called "The Great One" for nothing.

  10. It's interesting to see how the styles of the clothes of what the fans wore to the game back then.
    Suits and ties and dresses or coats. Not one T-shirt or hat with any logos, names or colors of the team worn by any fans at the time.

  11. The Greatest Right Fielder of All Time, Bar None! Add to that the single greatest arm of All Time! Legend! And being a Boricua is he is Forever My Hero!!!

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