Giants VS Eagles Live Reaction!!!

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Giants vs. Eagles | Week 6 Highlights | NFL

DeMarco Murray ran for 109 yards and a touchdown, Nolan Carroll returned one of Eli Manning’s two interceptions for a score and the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New York Giants 27-7 Monday night.

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  1. Bro sorry but let’s be real no one is winning the NFC besides Rams or Saints. Whoever wins the NFC East is one and out.

  2. Hey king good win but on another note how about Isaiah Wright from temple return specialist to the eagles what do think about that

  3. Congratulations on the win.i know you all are relieved now…..I also want to congratulate the jaguars for being the worst team in nfl history.there be a joke.the Cleveland browns look like super bowl champions compared to them…and of course Ramsey was talking crap again….the fans here in Jacksonville are looking like a bunch of zombies.
    Thursday night is going to be interesting.

  4. Hey philly 500. What do you think about maybe giving Pac-Man Jones a call to have some veteran help in that secondary?? I kno he is past his prime but he can’t cost that much and he is better than the practice squad we got playing now.

  5. That Beckham Jr touchdown wasn't a touchdown. His knees hit the ground before he stretched his arms out to break the plain of the goal line with the ball. It doesn't really matter now, but I thought I'd put that out there

  6. iam also aka eagle killa . NYG =4SBwins . seagals aka eagles = 0 SBwins n 1 loss vs pats the same team my GIANTS defeated 2x in SB's. always will n 4Ever be a fact eat that eagles lol

  7. This was my very first Eagles home game in Philadelphia for my 22nd birthday which was the day before the game I flew all the way from California to Philadelphia to see this and it was one of the best games I've seen in my life and I got to see Brian Dawkins and Brian Westbrook at Philly man it brought me tears of joy even though it was a awful season I still had fun

  8. Eagles superbowl = 0.
    Eagles superbowls in future = 0
    a big 0 eagles.
    remember with the dream team. hahah all you guys could is dream superbowls. hahahaha

  9. Eagles never won a superbowl and they will never win anything. I feel bad for eagles fans. time to chance teams and be a giants fan. at least you guys cud see superbowl trophies.

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