‘Culture Of Silence’ Slows Investigation Into Abuse At Parktown Boys’: Lesufi

Among the complaints being investigated was a case involving four educators – two employed by the department and two by the SGB - who were implicated in allegations of racism. Lesufi said the educators would be placed on precautionary suspension from the school before the end of this week. A disciplinary hearing would be held at a later stage.

“There was an allegation that learners were smeared with deep heat on their private parts. No evidence was found‚ we strongly believe that the culture of silence might have played a major role.

“On allegations that learners were compelled to use the same blade to shave‚ a new process must be implemented with immediate effect to avert such unhygienic practices‚” Lesufi said in a statement.

There was also an allegation that strippers were brought to the school hostel night parties‚ of which no evidence was found‚ he added.

“The culture of silence in the school impeded the gathering of evidence‚” Lesufi said. Among other things‚ the MEC has strongly criticised the sale of alcohol in the school environment and has advised that the liquor licence granted to a bar in the school precinct be revoked.

Source : https://www.timeslive.co.za/news/south-africa/2018-05-08-culture-of-silence-slows-investigation-into-abuse-at-parktown-boys-lesufi/

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‘Culture of silence’ slows investigation into abuse at Parktown Boys’: Lesufi
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