10 Most Bizarre Festivals You Had Never Heard About

Each festival is good in its own way. People celebrate them with good enthusiasm. People can gather and celebrate it with happiness, food and lot of interest. But there are some festivals which can send chills down your spine.

Sometimes major festivals begin on a whim. They can be based on a historical event, religious beliefs, food and crop cycles, weather, sports, you name it and I am sure there is a festival somewhere created to worship it.

Here we are talking about World’s Weirdest Festivals


#1 Thaipusam Festival

This festival is known to be celebrated in the southern part of India. Thaipusam involves piercing of different parts of the body at an intense level. It is believed that the practitioners get more blessings that the pain they endure.


#2 El Colacho

This festival is celebrated in the Spanish village of Castrillo de Murcia. The celebration occurs every year on the feast of Corpus Christi. In the celebration of the festival, any baby born in past 12 months is kept on the mattress on the street and the men take jumping over them.


#3 Mud Festival

This festival is celebrated in the coastal town of Boryeong in South Korea. It is celebrated with music, inflatables, mud-dancing, and mud-wrestling.


#4 Monkey Buffet Festival

This festival is celebrated in the month of November every year in Thailand. In this festival, people watch over 3000 monkeys feasting on fruits, vegetable, and other foods


#$5 La Tomatina

This festival is celebrated in Spain. You can also see this festival celebrated in the Bollywood movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara”. In this festival, people gather to complete a large food fight which involves hundreds of tons of overripe tomatoes.



#6 Hair Freezing Day

This festival is celebrated in Canada. It can be considered as one of the world’s weirdest festivals. In this festival, people freeze their hair in weird shapes using water and Frigid Canadian Air.


#7 Night Of Radishes

This festival is basically celebrated in Mexico. It is celebrated every year before Christmas. In this festival, the vendors whip out radishes and sculpt them into interesting shapes.


#8 The Bog Snorkeling Championship

This festival is celebrated in the UK. It is known to be one of the wildest races. Locals and visitors armed with snorkels and fins dive into the peat bog to complete the race.


#9 Battle Of Oranges

This festival is celebrated every year in Italy. ThePeople Ivrea forms teams and recreates the1194 revolt against the king but this revolt doesn’t include weapons, they use only oranges.


#10 The Viking Festival

This festival is celebrated every year in Iceland. The visitors from various parts of the world travel back in the time and convert themselves into Vikings.

Source : https://www.bollywoodpapa.com/new-other/10-bizarre-festivals-never-heard/

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10 Most Bizarre Festivals You Had Never Heard About
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