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I went to Rome. One of the first things I noticed before reaching Rome from the Airport was it seemed a bit primitive compared to UK. I had thought it would be same, as Italy is also EU. The authority people like Police Officers and train staff were quite supportive as I had to ask around for directions and how tickets even worked.

I got fined on the train to Rome before even reaching Rome. I didn’t know you have to validate the ticket after buying it.

The guy who fined me was I might add very handsome. :D He looked like young Al Pacino from Godfather.

Rome is said to have been built 7 times on top of itself. It shows too, you see buildings that are centuries old and the building right next to it would be all modern architecture.

People were generally nice, of course ignoring couple of people who were simply having a bad monday morning. :P

The tourist attractions mostly historical that I visited were truely amazing. You could see people from all over the world, Americans, Indians, spanish, Chinese etc.

City was quite buzzing and lively. I felt very safe travelling alone. Most people can communicate in English. I went out even late at night, no problems at all.

I visited Collosium, Vatican, Sistin Chapel, Vatican Museum, Pantheon (resting place of Raphael). Museum of Leonardo Di Vinci. They were all very nice places. Ticket price was reasonable too. I booked the tickets for the tourist attarctions in advance from UK via Internet.

I must mention the information labels at the tourist attractions are sometimes not translated into English. So you might be standing in front a perfectly sculpted, mighty Roman God in Vatican Museum and have no idea what or who that is. I must recommend get internet roaming sorted so at least you can search what you’re looking at.

I went to Pompeii. Pompeii was a city which had been buried under ash from a nearby Volcano, burying everyone in the city under the ash.

This city is known for the preserved bodies that still lay there. I must say some people do try sell you dodgey stuff like crappy maps, and other touristy items because they know you’re tourist and don’t know anything.

Taxi ride from Pompeii train station to the pompeii city was only €2 per person, but same journey back to train station was €10 per person. Yep! Rip off!!!

I noticed alot of young people my age where going further ahead after seeing pompeii as I had to travel back towards Rome.

Apparantly they were going to the next town called Salerno. I googled this town as I sat waiting for the train and Oh My God. This is what Salerno looks like.

So sad I could not go to Salerno just next town as I had to get back to Rome and catch the flight back next morning.

I would definately recommend Rome.

Here is an inner secret…

Rome felt very very romantic. Occasionally I wished I wasn’t alone and could share those moments with someone special.

Source : https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-best-country-or-city-you-have-vacationed-in-that-you-would-recommend-to-another-traveler

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What is the best country or city you have vacationed in that you would recommend to another traveler?
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