10 Music Festivals Worth Traveling To

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Over the past decade, music festivals have spawned a whole new travel sector. It’s sort of a no-brainer — people want to see the world, they want to have iconic concert experiences, and they want to be where a bunch of people in their same age group with their same interests are hanging out. In order to score these peak experiences, they’re willing to pay a premium. It’s worth it for an epic party week.

The list below came from no small amount of arguing. There are tons of factors that make a great music fest and it’s hard to decide which festivals are really worth jetting off to. But with the help of the Uproxx Music team, we winnowed the list to 10 surefire winners. Some are venue focused. Others are for true fans. While others still (and some of our favorites) are simply a great excuse to party in a far-off land.

Check the best destination music festivals to travel to and then start browsing the internet for a ticket. Flights are cheap right now and the siren songs of some of your favorite acts are calling you to far-off lands.

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Your Paradise — Fiji


Source : https://uproxx.com/life/best-destination-music-festivals-to-go-to/

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