4th Span Of Padma Bridge Installed

The fourth span of the Padma Bridge Kazi Nazrul Islam/Dhaka Tribune

Around 600 meters of the much-hyped Padma Bridge is now visible

The fourth span of the Padma Bridge has been installed at the Janjira point of Shariatpur.

The span was installed on pillar No 40 and 41 around 6:45am on Sunday, Residential Engineer of Padma Bridge project Mosharraf Hossain told the Dhaka Tribune.

On Saturday morning, the Padma Bridge’s fourth span began its journey to Janjira point from Mawa construction yard. It was carried to Janjira point by one of the world’s largest floating cranes.

Like the other spans, the fourth span is also 150-metre long. After the installation of the fourth span, around 600 meters of the much-hyped Padma Bridge became visible.

The first span of the Padma Bridge was installed atop pillars no 37 and 38 at the Janjira point of Shariatpur on October 7, 2017. This was followed by installation of the second span on pillars 38 and 39 on January 23.

The construction work on the country's largest bridge started in December in 2015. The 6.15-km bridge will have a total of 41 spans, each 150 meters long.

According to the engineers concerned, a total of 41 spans will be installed on 42 concrete pillars.


Source : https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/4th-span-of-padma-bridge-installed.558680/

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4th span of Padma Bridge installed
4th span of Bangladesh's Padma Bridge installed successfully
Fourth span of Padma Bridge to be installed this week
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