5 Great European Trips For Culture And Skiing

From European vibes to chill new offerings, Québec's coolest city just got cooler

Last fall, our northern neighbor became the second country after Uruguay to legalize recreational weed, signaling massive impending change for its multicultural cities. Montreal now rivals Amsterdam as the world’s coolest city with legal green. A swift hour-and-a-half flight from New York, it's more than a convenient cannabis playground for East Coasters -- it’s the quickest way to feel truly elsewhere without crossing any large bodies of water. The glamorous cobblestone streets of Old Montreal feel distinctly European, and the Québécois French language dominates. No need for a crash language course, though -- locals switch nimbly between English and French, and they are nice about it. (Classic Canada.)

This is a city of neighborhoods as walkable and diverse as those you’d find in NYC. Wander north from the Old Town into Gay Village, the heart of Montreal’s LGBT scene, or tromp down St. Laurent Boulevard into the bohemian Plateau neighborhood, where impressive murals light up parking lots and street corners. The Mile End houses the highest concentration of trendy eateries, and bread fanatics can weigh in on the infamous bagel rivalry of St-Viateur versus Fairmount. Farther still lie the fresh markets, authentic bakeries, and pizzeries of Little Italy.

This is indeed a fine city for the munchies -- from fish to fries, you can’t go wrong. Poutine abounds in all shapes and flavors, including the very-late-night variety at La Banquise, and don’t leave without trying the smoked meat sammies at Schwartz’s. Montreal entertains year-round with a packed events calendar, but a trip in September rewards with inviting temps and diverse, delicious food fests like YUL EAT, plus a massive food truck festival on the first Friday. -- Bruce Northam, American Detour

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