5 Great European Trips For Culture And Skiing

If parenting is a competitive sport, here is an excellent new travel round to play: how average is your child?

According to a recent study, the typical British child today has visited four European cities, flown long-haul three times, and been skiing twice - all before they turn 10.

Meanwhile, parents reported having left the country only twice before the age of 10 - and never further afield than Europe, according to the research by Royal Caribbean.

Took my boys (9 and 6) to a Colombian jungle in 2015. Eldest is a type 1 diabetic, not sure what we were thinking as no phone signal, running water etc 😱 we had the best time though!

— caroline (@caroline_norman) May 23, 2018

Source : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/family-holidays/how-many-countries-has-your-child-visited/

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How average is your child when it comes to travel?
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