A Graduate Was Hired By A Global Ad Agency After Spending Hours Outside The Company Building Imitating New York's 'Fearless Girl' Statue

Fearless female creative, Jade Delaney Fearless female creative, Jade Delaney. Eleanor James

  • Jade Delaney applied to the advertising agency responsible for the "Fearless Girl" sculpture in New York — by mimicking the statue outside the company building for hours.

  • Other job applicants who have been successful show that it often pays to do your research and to exercise a little creativity.

  • The most important part of the application process is to tailor your resumé to the role as well as to your own skills.

When putting together an application, most choose to stick to the same, familiar rules: write out a cover letter and a resumé, and include your qualifications and references. There's a reason it's considered the norm and there's certainly nothing wrong with it.

But stop for a second and put yourself in the position of the person whose job it is to look through hundreds of applications a day — there are many who might be perfect for the job, but whose application gets lost in the masses.

You can spruce up your application a bit so you don't find yourself in the same rut many applicants do. These three applicants came up with some very unique ideas for getting their dream jobs, from which we can all learn a lot.

McCann Bristol MD Andy Reid graduate Jade Delaney  McCann Central Group ... Jade Delaney landed a position with McCann Worldwide using a rather unusual method. Eleanor James

How Jade Delaney or "Fearless Bristol Girl" 

landed her dream job

Delaney applied to marketing agency McCann Worldwide, the UK counterpart to the advertising agency responsible for the "Fearless Girl" sculpture in New York.

It was clear from her application that she'd done her research and had put thought into it. She applied to them in a creative way, painting herself gold and stood for hours outside the company building, mimicking the original "Fearless Girl" statue.

Is this the best job application ever? Adorned in gold, fearless advertising graduate Jade Delaney recreates #FearlessGirl outside our offices #FearlessBristolGirl @McCann_WW @Campaignmag pic.twitter.com/11HW5lCFGl

— McCann Bristol (@McCann_Bristol) May 9, 2018

Source : http://www.businessinsider.com/graduate-hired-by-mccann-worldwide-for-imitating-the-fearless-girl-statue-2018-5

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A graduate was hired by a global ad agency after spending hours outside the company building imitating New York's 'Fearless girl' statue
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