Android 7.0 Nougat OTA Update Now Rolling Out To Nexus 6

If you're eager to start using Pie ASAP, Google's got you covered.

The full OTA images have already been released, meaning you can grab them and flash Pie onto your Pixel or Nexus phone this very second.

Go, go, go!

Grab the OTA files here

August 6, 2018 — Google unveils Android Pie statue at the Googleplex

 Google unveils Android Pie statue at the Googleplex

Every new version of Android is represented by a statue at Google's Mountain View campus, and with Pie going live, Google has unveiled the Android Pie statue.

The unveiling didn't have the same fanfare as last year, where Google held events in New York and Mountain View to launch Oreo. With Pie out of the way, it's time to start guessing what Android Q will be called next year.

August 6, 2018 — The Essential Phone is already being updated to Pie

Oh man — that was fast!

Just a few minutes after Google announced that Android Pie will begin rolling out to its Pixel phones, Essential announced on Twitter that the Essential Phone is also getting its Pie update today.

We’re proud to bring Android 9 Pie to Essential Phone the same day it’s released! Check your phone now for the update. 🥧

— Essential (@essential) August 6, 2018

This is the first non-Pixel phone to get the Pie update so far, and as more are announced, we'll update this article accordingly.

August 6, 2018 — Android Pie is here!

After months and months of waiting, Google's officially announced that Android P is Android 9 Pie.

As expected, the update will roll out to Pixel and Nexus devices first with OEMs involved in the Android Beta Program to follow. Pixel phones will begin receiving the Pie update today, and while we don't have any exact dates yet as to when Pie will be available for the other beta program phones, it should be at some point this fall.

Android 9 Pie is official and the update is starting today

August 2, 2018 — Android P tipped for August 20 launch

We're expecting the final version of Android P to land any time now, and according to Evan Blass on Twitter, the new software is slated for a release on August 20.

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) August 2, 2018

That date lines up with the release schedule Google previously published, not to mention the fact that Oreo was released on August 21 last year.

Now, what in the world will it be called? 🤔

July 25, 2018 — Google pushes Android P Beta 4

"Android P is almost here!" That's how Google starts its blog post introducing Android P Beta 4, also known as Developer Preview 5, which is available on all supported devices starting today.

According to Google, "Today's Beta 4 update includes a release candidate build with final system behaviors and the official Android P APIs (API level 28), available since Beta 2. It includes everything you need to wrap up your testing in time for the upcoming official Android P release." In other words, this is basically the same version that will ship to Pixels later in August, when the public version is released.

How to install Android P on your Pixel right now (or roll back to Oreo)

July 20, 2018 — Android P engineers discuss dark mode, gestures, and more in Reddit AMA

Leading up to the official launch of Android P in about a month or so, the development team behind the new update recently got together for an AMA on Reddit to answer technical questions about P.

The dev team covered a ton of stuff, but there are a few highlights worth pointing out here. First off, when it comes to Android P's gesture navigation, they had this to say:

We evaluated many, (MANY!) options for navigation as part of this overall change to the system spaces (worth noting that our main impetus was about making All Apps/Overview more accessible from wherever you are in the system, similar to the notification shade). HOME and BACK are so central to Android navigation (both the system and the apps) - that ensuring the dependability of them via buttons with enough space led us to the current design. All that said - we really value both the aesthetic and functional appeal of a smaller nav bar / more gross-gesture navigation and are continuing to explore opportunities to bring that in.

A system-wide dark mode has also been on the minds of many, and to not much surprise, it was said that Google doesn't "have anything to announce about a unified dark mode."

The team also explained how maintaining Project Treble is actually more difficult than past efforts, said a fix is coming for Android's awful sharing menu, and more.

Read through the full AMA here

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Android Pie: Everything you need to know about Android 9
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