Brotherhood Review

What a weird movie. Of course, it is difficult to judge how much that weirdness was a positive factor in my having more patience for it when I was 27, but now I'm less a fan of weirdness for the sake of weirdness, probably.

There are certainly a lot of directorial flourishes to try to keep things interesting through its 150 minute run-time, but to get some cattiness out of the way, if one ran all of the slow-motion sequences through at normal speed, this might be only a two-hour movie.

On the other hand, there are a lot of interesting things going on, though I'm not sure Gans is in control of all of the themes. Let us, please, set aside the Catholic imagery, of which there is a lot, also that the whole thing could be considered a resurrection tale complete with loyal prostitute (who is the truest servant of the church, natch) that "awakens" the hero, though with a slightly different sort ending in mind upon his return[1].

Instead, I prefer and enjoy that it spends a fair amount of time meditating on the difference between the civilized (determined entirely by their nobility of intentions and belief in science[2]) and the irredeemably savage, whose class (or religion, or, interestingly, once the most beastly version of the hero is unleashed, sex) can not protect their base nature from the righteous fury of the former. It is good stuff, even if it takes on a bit of a weird stance, when the howling mobs are linked to those of the French Revolution.

I mean, sure, it is way too complicated for the sort of movie it is, but it's an action film with François Hadji-Lazaro, Monica Belluci, Mark Dacascos and a literal revenge upon the church by wolves. So...

[1] Though there are certainly versions of Christianity that think there will be a sword next time around

[2] mostly natural sciences, of course, but those are sort of vague. There's an implication that the Iriquois had a deeper sort of scientific knowledge than the French, which is not completely unreasonable, one supposes.

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