C SPAN Bus To Make Stop At Sheyenne High School

Students and teachers at Sheyenne are invited on the bus from 12:30 to 2 p.m.

According to a statement from C-SPAN, Sheyenne High School was chosen because of Brett Mayer Schmit, who teaches AP U.S. history and government at Sheyenne. She was awarded a spot at C-SPAN's annual Educators Conference held in Washington D.C. this summer. The conference provides teachers with the opportunity to explore C-SPAN's programs and primary source materials so that they can incorporate the resources into their curriculums during the school year.

The bus is currently on a "50 Capitals Tour" that began in September 2017 and is heading to every U.S. state capital before November 2018 when C-Span will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the bus program. It stopped in Bismarck earlier this week.

"We're aiming to expand awareness among North Dakotan teachers and students of the wide variety of free educational tools and resources that are available to them online through C-SPAN's platforms," said, Craig McAndrew, education manager for C-SPAN in a statement.

Since 1993, a C-SPAN Bus has traveled across the nation in partnership with C-SPAN's cable and satellite providers for local interactions through visits to schools and community events.

C-Span is partnering with Midco for the bus stop. The cable provider provides the station as a commercial-free public service. All funding for C-SPAN operations is provided by cable and satellite providers.

Source : http://www.wday.com/news/4447118-c-span-bus-make-stop-sheyenne-high-school

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C-SPAN Bus to make stop at Sheyenne High School
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