Can Apple Make Listening Easy Without A Headphone Jack

We admit that we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves here, as B&W is still working on the Lightning cable for the P9 Signature, but these audiophile headphones sound wonderful and are well worth waiting for. Launched to mark Bowers & Wilkins' 50th anniversary, the P9 Signature headphones really are something special, as you might expect from their £700 price tag. And if you like, you can buy them now - budget permitting - and B&W will send you the Lightning cable at no extra charge as soon as it's ready.

The P9 headphones simply ooze quality, from the soft leather on the padded earpieces to the smart and sturdy brushed aluminium headband. The earpieces and headband are attached by a special floating hinge that is designed to reduce vibrations and distortion, while the drivers in the earpieces are angled slightly inwards to make sure that every last note is beamed directly into your ear canal.

I'd be worried about sticking such an expensive set of headphones into a backpack, but the earpieces do fold inwards to save space, and there's a smart little carrying case included for when you're travelling. When it was first launched, the P9 was only supplied with a standard audio cable. However, that cable is detachable and, following the launch of the iPhone 7, B&W announced that it will provide a free Lightning cable to any owner that requests one.

There's no noise-cancelling tech, but the over-ear design means that the headphones go right over your ears and do a good job of blocking out background noise. It's a closed-back design, yet the P9 headphones still do a terrific job of creating an open, atmospheric sound - clear and precise, with good bass response. But the outstanding feature of the P9 is the sheer spaciousness of the sound they produce, rivalling the open atmospherics of high-end open-backed headphones. Listening to Lou Reed's opening narration on The Raven was quite creepy, as it sounded as though the (sadly departed) founder of the Velvet Underground was standing right behind me. This sort of price will obviously be out of reach for many people, but if you can afford them then the P9 headphones really are a luxurious treat for your ears.

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