China’s Music Industry To Break Through Internationally

However, this is without doubt a new-generation entrepreneurialism that attempts manoeuvring with more sophisticated ambitions in a sector that is increasingly subject to restrictive regulations in a temperamental financial market. Ma Yin’ ultimate visions align with those of the architects he handpicks and supports, a coeval generation of cultural producers that strives for a higher standard of critical practice, a meaningful relation to ‘place’, and the reterritorialization of social bonding that is otherwise fast eroding in major urban centres. An internationally recognized group of architects who are collectively contributing to articulate a building language of individuality, of rooted aesthetic and conceptual expression, they are those the younger generations are looking up to. Creating the actual space and demand for a culture and quality of design on a mass scale as big as China’s might take time, but within an imperfect picture Aranya embodies a positive tangible precedent that can foster measurable future impact.

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