Culture Cartel: Singapore’s First Street Culture Festival Is Coming This December

There’s a new festival coming to Singapore in December 2018, and it’s

Culture Cartel, touted by organisers Habitual as the city’s first all-encompassing street culture festival. Culture Cartel comes at a time where negative stereotypes – from body tattoos and graffiti as vandalism to the exclusion of black culture – are slowly broken down. It’s a generation where Andy Warhol and KAWS are the leaders of street culture, where Marvel and Japanese anime are all the rage, and Beastie Boys and Post Malone are on the playlists of many a millennial.

Mighty Jaxx

In Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore, where foreign culture is widely embraced and further adapted to our own tastes, we can only say: it’s about time. The festival’s venue and dates are still being confirmed, but for now, we know that it’s going to feature the convergence main facets of street culture – art, toys, and streetwear – curated by their respective industry leaders.

For art, look out for valuable content by Augustine Nezumi of

Singapore Electric, a leading tattoo studio specialising in full-body oriental pieces, as well as

Invasion Studios by artist Jahan Loh. For toys, there is Jackson Aw, the man behind cult favourite

Mighty Jaxx. As for streetwear, you can look forward to the combined forces of

Limited Edt’s Mandeep Chopra, sneaker collective

Sole Superior, and

Habitual. Together, they will create a brand showcase and sneaker marketplace like never before seen in Asia.

Singapore Electric

And there you have it. Culture Cartel looks set to unite the street and urban communities over one exciting weekend, and will bring you the best of all things street culture, including original and limited edition art prints, live art performances, designer toy collectibles and sculptures, rare sneaker and apparel releases, as well as pop-ups from the world’s top tattoo artists, masterclasses, and after parties galore.

Sole Superior

Culture Cartel will take place in December 2018. Stay tuned here for more details.

Top Image: Courtesy of Bryner Tan

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Culture Cartel: Singapore’s First Street Culture Festival Is Coming This December
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