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Kate Bowman is a model and actress living in New York City. She also doesn't shave her body hair—a choice that should be hers alone, and yet, of course, other people have tons of things to say about it. She spoke of the decision she made in middle school to leave her hair as is, on Man Repeller: "Embracing my sexuality transformed the way I thought, not only about physical things like body hair, but also about the way I wanted to represent myself. It was a huge mental leap. Gradually, I started becoming more comfortable with my body, especially as I realised I didn't have to change myself in order to feel beautiful."

When she was 18, Bowman was photographed by Olivier Zahm, Pat McGrath asked her to model her makeup line, and her career took off. She notes, "I'm aware of my privilege as a cisgender, white, able-bodied woman in being able to do that, though. It is much easier for me to make the choice to grow out my body hair than it is for a person of color or a trans woman. I'm not a champion of the body hair movement. I'm not. I'm just being myself, and that's the message I want to send: Be yourself, no matter what, in whatever way you feel most comfortable. Never let anyone else take your identity away from you."

Source : https://www.byrdie.com.au/breaking-beauty-rules--5b26da5726624

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