Halsey Calls Out Firefly Festival For Not Including Enough Female Performers

"It's 2018. Do better!" is a big mood at the moment.

23-year-old singer took a jab and blasted the line-up after the roster revealed a lack of female performers.

As a public figure who isn't afraid to speak her mind, the "Now or Never" singer went on Twitter to express her concern over her now former favorite music festival.

“Damn guys come onnnnnn," she started her tweet. "Where the women at. This was one of my favorite festivals I’ve ever played and it’s a shame there’s not more females on the bill. With the exception of (the amazing) , the first like 20 acts on the bill are men. It’s 2018, do better!!!”

Moments later, in the midst of receiving replies, likes and retweets, Halsey quoted a fan and continued to express her disappointment in the line-up.

"Who am I supposed to 'go off on' haha. Festivals ASK artists to play. Artists don’t ASK festivals if they can come. I’m just raising a point! So many dope women in music right now!"

Firefly Festival is set to take place on June 14-17 at the Woodlands in Doverland, DE. Check out the line-up below.

Source : http://popcrush.com/halsey-calls-out-firefly-festival-for-not-including-enough-female-performers/

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Halsey Calls Out Firefly Festival for Not Including Enough Female Performers
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