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Monthly Expenses

Rent: $400 (I manage the property that we live in and my compensation is reduced rent. In L.A., this has meant the ability to pay down a lot of debt, afford an adult vacation that doesn't include traveling to see family, and build a three-month emergency fund.)

Student Loan Payment: $105 for one private student loan and $236 for a public student loan

FSA: $8.34

Health Insurance: $35


Parking: $41.50 (I try not to think about the fact that I have to pay to park at work.)

Car Insurance: $160

Home Insurance: $17

Internet: $50

Electricity: Ranges between $110 in winter and $280 in the summer. (Damn you, global warming.)

Gas: $25

Dental Insurance: $0 (This is paid for by my employer.)

Cell Phone: $80 for both my fiancé and me. We use Cricket and are committed to buying our phones and not upgrading until they die.

HBO & Hulu: $27 (We share with our family and mooch off my mom's Netflix.)

Transportation: $70 for my fiancé's TAP card. (We paid off our car this year.)

Therapy: $250 ($125 per visit for two visits a month)

Retirement: $367.37 (My fiancé, N., also contributes 11% of his paycheck to his 401(k).)

Gym Membership: $32

Fitness Classes: $100

Fun Money: I budget out $200 from each paycheck to spend on everything from clothes to coffee to makeup, and transfer the rest to our joint checking account so that I'm accountable to someone else (and don’t spend it).

Savings: I typically commit $750 to savings and N. commits about $1,600, which we are using for an emergency fund that eventually will go toward saving up to have a baby.

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