IPhone 7, New Apple Watch Unveiled

Apple, you are spoiling us: just a month after launching the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR on the world, Tim Cook and friends have got another gadget extravaganza lined up – and we're expecting the rest of Apple's product lines to get some love this time.

The big event is on Tuesday, October 30, and while Apple has remained pretty tight-lipped about what it has in store, we've got plenty of leaks, rumours and speculation to work our way through. Here are all of the products that we think will be making an appearance.

The event starts at 10am on the East Coast of the US, in Brooklyn – that's 7am if you're in the West Coast (so you might have to get up early), or 2pm if you're in the UK (so you might have to miss work). As usual, there'll be a live stream available on the Apple website.

New iPads: iPad Pros, iPad Minis

a close up of a computer: iPad Pro leak © Provided by Future Publishing Ltd. iPad Pro leak

iPad Pro leak (credit: MySmartPrice)

Image credit: MySmartPrice

We're definitely expecting some new iPad Pros from Apple, with the latest refresh for this particular category of gadget happening back in June 2017. It's being widely tipped that the bezels will be banished and Face ID will be introduced to make the top-end iPads look more like the current iPhones.

Other speculation centres around the possible introduction of a USB-C port to replace the current Lightning one, but considering all of Apple's other phones and tablets use Lightning, we'd be surprised if this shift were to happen. It's supposedly to enable better 4K HDR video transfer.

Otherwise you can look forward to faster internals, perhaps a sharper screen, and a slight reduction in dimensions – though the two available screen sizes are tipped to remain the same, at 10.5 inches and 12.9 inches.

And what about the iPad Mini? We assumed that Apple had forgotten about it (the device hasn't seen an update since 2015), but according to reliable analyst sources, there is indeed a refresh planned for the 7.9-inch slate. However, the same tipsters are saying the iPad Mini 5 might not be ready to show off at the event on Tuesday – it's possible we'll have to hang on until 2019 to see that one.

New MacBooks: MacBook, MacBook Air

a close up of a keyboard: Apple MacBook © Provided by Future Publishing Ltd. Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook

After refreshing the MacBook Pros earlier this year, it looks as though Apple is going to turn its attention to the rest of its laptops at the October 30 event. The main MacBook is now more than a year old, and we're expecting the 12-inch laptops to get a boost with the latest 8th-generation Intel chips this time.

With the main holiday shopping season rolling around, it would be the perfect time for Apple to introduce some new models, although aside from the internals we're not expecting all that much to change – the design and the starting prices (currently £1,249/$1,299 are likely to remain consistent).

And what about a new MacBook Air? This laptop is even more outdated than the MacBook, and some insider sources have suggested Apple is going to draw the range to a close altogether. Well, maybe not, after all – though we think the new MacBook Air will keep the relatively affordable price, as that's one of the reasons it keeps selling.

With that in mind, look for components that are upgraded but definitely not top of the range. We should also see a refresh of the MacBook Air design, which is now practically ancient (it hasn't changed much in the last 10 years). A sharper Retina display is likely to be included in any design overhaul.

New Macs: iMac, Mac Mini

a close up of a computer: Apple Mac Mini © Provided by Future Publishing Ltd. Apple Mac Mini

Apple Mac Mini

Maybe you don't want a new Apple tablet, or a new Apple laptop, but there's still more for you to look forward to at the October 30 event: new desktop Macs, including (perhaps) a surprise with a brand new Mac Mini.

One of the clues to a new iMac is a filing with the European regulatory agency that backs up some of the other rumours we've mentioned here. Considering the iMac Pro got an update recently, the new all-in-ones unveiled on Tuesday (if there are any) are likely to be lower-specced. Any upgrade should include 8th-generation Intel processors.

Sources including Bloomberg say a new Mac Mini is also on the way next week, the first upgrade to this particular Mac computer since 2014 – "new processors and features" are promised for users, but we'll have to wait and see about the details.

The beauty of the Mac Mini is of course the way it can be used with any screen, keyboard and mouse (you can even pick it up and take it from room to room, or from the house to the office, if you want). In some ways it's bizarre that Apple hasn't thought to upgrade it in so long, but there's not much that needs changing in the way of the design – it's the internals that are going to get a bump if an upgrade is coming.

New accessories: AirPods, Apple Pencil

Apple AirPods © Provided by Future Publishing Ltd. Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods

According to the most reliable sources around, those are the new products Apple is working on at the moment, even if they don't all make the October 30 deadline (it's possible that some might get previewed without an exact launch date being given).

Rumours about second-generation AirPods continue to swirl, and they've been swirling for many months – that makes us think a launch can't be far off. The upgraded earphones are apparently going to bring noise cancellation and waterproofing along with them, so they'll no doubt appeal to anyone picking up a new iPhone or iPad this Christmas.

With the upgrades coming to the iPad Pros, it's also possible that a new Apple Pencil is going to get unveiled by Apple on October 30. Remember that the stylus bundled with the Galaxy Note 9 got a big upgrade this year, and Apple doesn't like to be left behind by its competitors – perhaps the Apple Pencil 2 will offer even better responsiveness and some extra functions.

There's always the chance that Apple might surprise us with something completely out of the blue, but in the modern age of constant leaks and rumours, it's getting less and less likely. As always, we'll bring you the announcements as they happen on Tuesday.

Source : https://www.msn.com/en-gb/finance/technology/everything-you-can-expect-from-apples-october-30-event-and-how-to-watch/ar-BBP13LW

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