Incremental UX

When I told my friends that I will be working for LEGO, they were excitedly asking “Cool! Is it their online shop or some kind of gaming experience you will be working on?” as soon as they knew that my role will be designing the internal enterprise systems, I got a kind of “Oooh… got it” replies. and that excited tone was fading away.

I will be lying if I say I didn’t have similar feelings when I saw the job post for the first time. But then, I found out that enterprise applications design doesn’t necessarily have to be a dull or boring job.

Our team, UX Center of Excellence, was always aiming to challenge the complication of the expert internal systems. not only by -wisely- using LEGO vivid branding colors and by sprinkling visuals of bricks and mini-figures where they fit, but also by trying to create more engaging experiences for our colleagues. 

To achieve that, we were for example: 

- Applying behavioral psychology concepts to motivate and engage users 

- Introducing gamification elements

- Proposing useful interactive visuals elements and engaging micro-interactions

We were challenging the standard dryness of enterprise software

If you are designing enterprise systems, remember that your design decisions can make the workday of the system users less stressful. Even if it’s as little as crafting a more playful empty state or a more cheerful success message.

I understand that different systems and products have different needs and business contexts and that not all brands have the same tone of voice. But still, I believe there is always something to be done to make enterprise applications more delightful and less boring than they usually are.

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