Like A Puppy On A String

After the first episode of Who Is America? made the rounds online Sunday and then aired on Showtime, Virginia politicians were quick to distance themselves from Van Cleave.

"I grew up in and now represent a community where people care a lot about their gun rights, but the idea of arming children is ridiculous," said state Senator Jill Vogel, who received $US16,000 last year from Van Cleave's group in her unsuccessful bid for lieutenant governor.

"What a buffoon," said state Senator Bryce Reeves, who received $US5000 from the group for his 2015 Senate bid. "Apparently common sense wasn't issued with his concealed-carry permit. Come on, dude, really?"

One of the legislature's staunchest supporters of gun rights, Reeves said the episode will hurt Van Cleave's image but won't discredit the VCDL.

Hunting traditions and the gun lobby loom large in Virginia, which boasts both rural expanses and the National Rifle Association headquarters. Gun-control advocates have been unable to get much traction in Richmond, even in the wake of a massacre in 2007 that left 32 victims dead at Virginia Tech. Guns are allowed inside the state Capitol and even in the gallery of the House of Delegates.

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