Militants Oppose Appointment Of Gen. Año To DILG


MANILA, Philippines — Several militant groups held a protest in front of the office of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).

The protesters condemned the appointment of former military chief Eduardo Año as the officer-in-charge of the said agency.

The groups insisted that Año committed many human rights violations and his appointment in the DILG only worsens the problem of extrajudicial killings in cities and provinces across the country.

“Año’s position is very strategic. This would help them enforce more killings of innocent civilians,” said Atty. Sol Paule, the legal counsel of Karapatan.

The sibling of missing activist Jonas Burgos participated in the demonstration.

The Burgos family accuses Año of being the mastermind in the abduction of Jonas.

“This is frustrating for a family that is seeking justice. That while my sibling is still missing, the one who abducted him is enjoying a good position and is being promoted,” said JL Burgos, the brother of the victim. —

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Militants oppose appointment of Gen. Año to DILG
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