Missoula Theater: '4000 Miles' Finds Odd Couple Dealing With Grief

"4000 Miles" closes out BetweenTheLine's second season, one that Wagner feels was a success. Everyone in the company has to do a little bit of everything to make it work, from costuming to helping find sponsors. They carefully select scripts that focus on story and acting, that they can present with creative but minimal sets on a single stage in the Roxy Theater. Like most of their productions, Mike Fink designed the apartment-set for "4000 Miles."

Source : http://missoulian.com/entertainment/arts-and-theatre/missoula-theater-miles-finds-odd-couple-dealing-with-grief/article_3a4ebc58-4bec-59dd-b98e-141433148c2d.html

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Missoula theater: '4000 Miles' finds odd couple dealing with grief
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