Monthly Destination: Bali

Office desks are sooo last year. So if you're a digital nomad that swapped the 9-5 grind for international Skype calls, check out these co-working spaces in Bali to eat, meet, work, repeat.

Hurrah! You’ve finally found yourself amongst Bali’s digital nomad community – the island’s ever-growing association of online entrepreneurs who scoot around the sunny streets in search of good Wi-Fi, strong coffee and a nearby power point, ready to spend the day emailing the outside world from a cool cafe or calm co-working space. Well, you’re in luck, because Bali’s “island offices” are as innovative and creative as they come, from sound-proof Skype rooms and poolside desks, to daily seminars and power-nap nooks – Silicon Valley ain’t got nuthin’ on us.

So grab your Macbook and have your iPhone at the ready (you’ll want to capture your tropical #officefortheday) and head to one of these top co-working destinations in Bali. At these digital-friendly work spaces, you’ll find other barefooted laptop warriors living the nomadic dream, great grub to keep your creative juices flowing, and a productive yet laid-back vibe that reminds you of why it’s worth living with island-time Wi-Fi. Welcome to working remotely in Bali!

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