Music Should Have The Capacity To Bring Us All Together, Even If You Have A Disability Like Mine

Education: Education (See CV) Dates B.A. Cum Laude Psychology and Political Science University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago, Illinois, BA, cum laude 99, 97, 96%--MCAT Science, Gen Knowledge, Vocab 98, 97% --LSAT (Logical and Analytical Reasoning) 1969-1973 Clinical Psychology University of Illinois at Chicago Graduate School Master's Program, Chicago, Illinois GRE: 95% composite Psychology: 97% clinical; 98% experimental 1978-1980 Doctor of Medicine Rush Medical College Chicago, Illinois 1981-1986 Boards I: 99%ile, Psychology Psychiatry Mini0boards: 735 (99%ile) Residency Psychiatry Loyola University Medical Center Maywood, Illinois 1986-1989 PRITE Scores by year of Residency 1986--695 (99%ile) 1987--689 (98%ile) Fellowship Child Psychiatry Institute for Juvenile Research Chicago, Illinois 1989-1990 Licensure State of Illinois Physician License - #036-076843 1986 Board Certification American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology - #35842 1992

Occupation: Physician; Medical Director of Outpatient Psychiatric Services at Methodist Hospital

Past political/civic experience: In 1968, my first antiwar poem "Know Other Way," was banned by the Lane Tech Prep. In many ways, I have spent the last 50 years focused on ways to reduce Violence in Society ranging from Child Abuse and Domestic Violence to Gangs and Corruption to even War itself.In 1972, I received a 99 percentile on the Science Section of the MCATs along with numerous other high scores (See Biography and CV.). With these test results in hand, I "cashed in" by spending the next 10 years studying the neuroanatomical, neurophysiological, neuropharmacological, electrophysiological and behavioral correlates of Brain Information Processing. Not only is the brain the one "tool" that makes all of the other tools, understanding human behavior from the genetic to synaptic to macroeconomic levels was fundamental if these problems were ever to be solved. (Who is Hari Zeldon?) During this time, I made approximately $3000/year, ate lots of potatoes and lived in an electric blanket and coat during the winter.When I finally did go to Rush Medical College, I won multiple awards for my work including being one of 15 semi-finalists in an HHS competition in Preventive Medicine for my paper on "Workfare Interventions in the Welfare System." This was my first formal paper concerning my work on Safe Haven which has continued now for over 30 years. Other awards were related to my Brain Research.I will always be also proud that, for my first official act as a physician and a Medical Director, I cut in half my salary precisely so that I could devote myself full-time to implementing my Safe Haven programs which I have always done pro bono. I have always tried to live a simple life helping others.In 1993, I became Medical Director at St. Mary's Hospital precisely to implement Safe Haven through- out Kankakee and surrounding Counties in IL. Prior to accepting this position, I had already received letters of support for my Safe Haven programs ranging from then-Governor Jim Edgar through then-Senator Carol Mosley Braun and many in between. These letters, along with similar ones from all of the major political and business leaders in Kankakee and surrounding Counties, are included as an Appendix to my original, 1993, Safe Haven book.I returned to Chicago to become the Chair of Psychiatry at Grant Hospital for many years until the Hospital closed and my beloved wife, Sylvia, developed leukemia secondary to over-radiation.In addition to publishing the 25th Anniversary Edition of Safe Haven, I have also in 2018 completed its "Final Chapters" which I call The Chicago Project, the four goals of which are:1. A Gang-Free, Drug-Free, Full-Employment Economy in America by 2020 (Safe Haven);2. Building the "Cyber-City/State/Country/World of the Future" (IF-PREVENT and Super-EPIC);3. Building and implementing GEIP (Clean, renewable energy SAVING $2-3 TRILLION/year); and4. PEACE on Earth by 2030 (starting with the Peace Paradigm for ISIS, Iran and North Korea in 2018).Just as landing a man on the moon by the end of the decade was a noble goal of a previous generation, WE can set the four goals of the Chicago Project as absolutely DOABLE objectives that can help UNITE not just the Country, but the World in the process. This is what LEADERSHIP is all about.And, just as with Penicillin, what can work in Chicago can equally well work in Detroit, New York and Los Angeles now and in Buenos Aires, Mogadishu and New Delhi later. Safe Haven thus reinforces and enhances all of President Trump's other job creating initiatives from Infrastructure Repair to bringing Manufacturing Jobs back to America. And, in the process, we move from Entitlements (Rights WITHOUT Responsibilities) to True EMPOWERMENT (Rights WITH Responsibilities) at every level of society.Similarly, the $2-3T/yr of SAVINGS from GEIP can not only help people in America and around the World, using GEIP as LEVERAGE as part of the PEACE Paradigm, we can not only Stop Terrorism in 2019, but truly achieve genuine Peace on Earth by 2030 as well.All of these proposals are STRONG MEDICINE but can Work Well if only used WISELY.Simply put, just as with GOOD SCIENCE and GOOD PREVENTIVE MEDICINE, we can and MUST move beyond "politics as usual" to truly GOOD GOVERNMENT not just in the United States, but around the World if we are to FIX THE SYSTEM and fight Arrogance, Stupidity and Systematic Abuse of Power (ASSs) at all levels of society from crime and corruption through Terrorism and even War itself.Again, for the GOOD of the Nation and the World, I will gladly GIVE you and President Trump, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi the simple equation underlying GEIP in return for your agreements to help support the Chicago Project on a Bipartisan basis-- to help bring the Country TOGETHER.While Sylvia would never want to the Taj Mahal as a "legacy," she very much would appreciate sharing Genuine PEACE with ALL of God's children.With GEIP-powered desalinization plants, we can literally turn deserts into Gardens in the Middle East and far beyond. With Safe Haven, we can offer people JOBS and HOPE instead of Funerals and Despair-- We can all STOP THE CARNAGE NOW not just in America, but around the World.As I ended my Safe Haven book almost 25 years ago, "Alone, we can accomplish little. Working TOGETHER we can Change the World. Let these be goals truly worthy of us all. So it shall be.

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