New MLB Rumors Indicate The San Diego Padres In Talks With Tampa Bay Rays For Chris Archer And Denard Span

Latest Major League Baseball (MLB) rumors suggest the San Diego Padres are looking to acquire Chris Archer and Denard Span from the Tampa Bay Rays. The Padres are hoping to enter the upcoming season as a strong contender after a disappointing run last year.

The Padres in the 2017 season ranked fourth in the National League West with 71 wins 91 defeats. The Padres managed to add effective players to its roster like shortstop Freddy Galvis and baseman Chase Headley. There are now new speculations that the Friars are in discussions with the Rays for Archer and Span. According to PadreVibes, the Friars are confident to dive into action with the right set of players in their arsenal. "Conversations w/ members Padres FO they believe w/ couple additions the team can content in 2018 (Hosmer). Also said team was in discussion with Rays for starting pitching. Possibly a trade that includes Archer & Span with the Padres," PadreVibes tweeted. Both the Padres and the Rays have not released any information to confirm the trade rumors.

Archer as starting pitcher and Span as outfielder, according to reports, will be great additions to the Padres in the coming season. The roster of San Diego is mainly composed of young players, and the organization is looking for veterans to help the team. Archer, who has been in the league for almost six years, has had his fair share of experience to contribute to the young players. Span, who started out in 2008 with the Minnesota Twins, also has a thing or two to teach other players.

The Padres are already gearing up with Spring Training just around the corner. San Diego will take on the Seattle Mariners first for the Spring Training. The Milwaukee Brewers will be the Padres' first opponent in the 2018 season. The Friars, meanwhile, will take on the Brewers on March 29.

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New MLB Rumors Indicate the San Diego Padres in Talks with Tampa Bay Rays for Chris Archer and Denard Span
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