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Looking for Linux laptops? Here I list some online shops that either sell Linux computers or specialize only in Linux systems.

Almost all the computers (except Apple) sold these days come with Windows preinstalled on it. The standard procedure for Linux users is to buy such a computer and then either remove Windows and install Linux or dual boot Linux with Windows.

But you don’t always have to go through Windows. You can buy Linux computers as well.

But why buy a computer preinstalled with Linux when you can easily install Linux on any computer? Here are some reasons:

  • A computer with Windows always has an extra cost for the Windows license. You can avoid that.
  • Computers preinstalled with Linux are well-tested for hardware compatibility. You can be sure that your system will have WiFi and Bluetooth working instead of figuring these things on your own.
  • Buying Linux laptops and desktops supports Linux indirectly. More sale indicates that there is a demand for Linux products and thus more vendors may incline to provide Linux as a choice of operating system.

If you are looking to get a new Linux laptop, let me suggest you a few manufacturers and vendors that provide ready-to-use Linux systems.

Buy Linux Laptops

10 places to buy Linux laptops and computers

A couple of disclaimer/information before you see the list of shops offering computers with Linux preloaded.

Please make a purchase on your own decision. I am simply listing the Linux computer sellers here, I cannot vouch for their product quality, after sale service or other such things.

This is not a ranking list. The items listed here are in no particular order. The numbers are used for the purpose of counting the items, not ranking them.

Let’s see from where you can get desktops and laptops with Linux preinstalled.

1. Dell

Dell XPS Ubuntu
Dell XPS Ubuntu | Image Credit: Lifehacker

Dell has been offering Ubuntu laptops for several years now. Their flagship product XPS features a Developer Edition series that comes with Ubuntu preinstalled.

If you read my review of Dell XPS Ubuntu edition, you know that I loved this laptop. It’s been more than two years and this laptop is still in great condition and performance has not deteriorated.

Dell XPS is an expensive device with a price tag of over $1000. If that’s out of your budget, Dell also has inexpensive offering in its Inspiron laptop range.

Do note that Dell doesn’t display the Ubuntu/Linux laptops on its website. Unless you already know that Linux laptops are offered by Dell, you wouldn’t be able to find them.

So, go to Dell’s website and enter Ubuntu in its search box to see the products that ship with Ubuntu Linux preinstalled.

Availability: Most part of the world.


2. System76

System76 is a prominent name in the Linux computers world. This US-based company specializes in high-end computing devices that run Linux. Their targeted user-base is software developers.

Initially, System76 used to offer Ubuntu on their machines. In 2017, they released their own Linux distribution Pop!_OS based on Ubuntu. Since then, Pop!_OS is the default OS on their machine with Ubuntu still available as a choice.

Apart from performance, System76 has put a great emphasis on the design of its computer. Their Thelio desktop series has a handcrafted wooden design.

System76 Thelio Linux Desktop
System76 Thelio Desktop

You may check their Linux laptops offering here. They also offer Linux-based mini PCs and servers.

Did I mention that System76 manufactures its computers in America instead of the obvious choice of China and Taiwan? The products are on the expensive side, perhaps for this reason.

Availability: USA and 60 other countries. Extra custom duty may be applicable outside the US. More info here.


3. Purism

Purism is a US-based company that takes pride in creating products and services that help you secure your data and privacy. That’s the reason why Purism calls itself a ‘Social Purpose Corporation’.


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