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On July 13, 1988, on a sweltering 93-degree day in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Hulk Hogan returned from a three-month hiatus to accept Randy "Macho Man" Savage's call for a tag team partner at WWE's first SummerSlam.

Hogan also dropped a hint as to why the Mega Powers -- he and Savage, best of pals -- were doomed from the start.

"When we step in the ring, man, and the lovely Elizabeth is in our corner," Hogan barked, "She's my lady, too, brother!"

Fans ate it up. But on the television broadcast for that "WWF Superstars of Wrestling" episode, Jesse "The Body" Ventura called B.S.

"That's gonna be a problem, [Vince] McMahon."

WWE, then known as the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), took the world title off Hogan in February. Hogan left to film "No Holds Barred" right after WrestleMania IV. With the exception of one match, he stayed away from the company through July. Replacing Hogan as champion was one thing; removing him from the live event tour was a risk WWE had never taken until 1988.

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