She Loves Me, Not My Music

“I, on the other hand, hold on to things,” she added, pointing to the chest from her family’s Staten Island house that held her childhood arts and crafts supplies, and to two spindle-backed antique chairs, the sole survivors of a set that belonged to her grandmother.

When Ms. Michaelson does let something go, she tries very hard to avoid regret. This is not always possible. It was absolutely not possible in the case of the antique egg incubator she bought at the Brooklyn shop Sterling Place.

“It was my first big furniture purchase, and it cost $500,” she said. “I used it as a side table, but it was really too big for a side table and too small for anything else. So I ended up selling it.”

She added: “I still think about it.”

“Note to self: Christmas present,” her boyfriend said.

Whatever his indifference to how his space is filled, Mr. Chase would prefer that the space be big. Never mind that more often than not he and Ms. Michaelson can be found nestled on the very puffy sectional in a corner of the living room watching “Game of Thrones.”

He likes room to roam. He’s got it.

The living room — heavy on the wood and earth tones, and heavily dependent on Restoration Hardware and West Elm — is cozy and welcoming, but betrays nothing about the professional lives of the inhabitants. All is revealed in the studio/office where, surrounded by family photos and theater posters and caricatures, Mr. Chase memorizes his lines and Ms. Michaelson writes. (She is working on the score for a musical adaptation of “The Notebook.”)

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