She Loves Me, Not My Music

Betty Who is currently promoting her latest EP, Betty Part One.

"Because I am engaged to a man (best man ever), I think people assume that I'm 100% straight down the line heterosexual, but that's absolutely not true," Betty Who said. "But I've also never heard a word that I feel like really describes my sexuality aptly. So, I have sort of let people decide what they think I am and let that be that."

Betty Who, a strong proponent of LGBT rights, also said that she's been deeply affected by her LGBT fans.

"Being a part of the LGBTQ+ community has been one of the greatest joys of my life. The relationships I have formed and the stories that have been shared with me from fans have absolutely altered the course and fabric of my life."

The artist also discussed her recent cover of All Things (just keep getting better), the theme song from Netflix's reality makeover show Queer Eye.

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"I love them so much!" Betty Who exclaimed. "Netflix actually reached out after the first season was already out about covering the theme song and I didn't really understand the extent of how cool it would be. The music video was so fun to shoot and I just am such a fan of the show and the boys."

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