Stephen Colbert Sees An Ulterior Motive In Trump’s Support Of ZTE

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‘He’s Not Even Trying to Be Subtle’

Stephen Colbert is taking President Trump to task over his support of a Chinese telecom, ZTE. As new information trickles in, Colbert has said that he’s starting to get even more suspicious.

On Monday, he went after Trump for saying in a tweet that he would work with the Chinese government to help ZTE — a reversal that has puzzled policy experts. Colbert returned to the topic on Tuesday with new information: It turns out Trump’s tweet arrived just three days after the Chinese government agreed to invest half a billion dollars in a project involving a Trump-branded resort.

“He’s not even trying to be subtle! [Impersonating Trump] ‘Meet me outside the parking garage in broad daylight. I’ll be the one shouting, “I’m taking bribes over here!”’” — STEPHEN COLBERT

Colbert joked that he couldn’t see why the resort — which also includes a theme park — would want to associate itself with Trump anyway.

“Why would you want Trump’s name on your theme park? Is your theme ‘bankruptcy’?” — STEPHEN COLBERT

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Stephen Colbert Sees an Ulterior Motive in Trump’s Support of ZTE
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