Terry Riley, Gyan Riley & Gavin Rayna Russom

Gloria Cheng has a decades long relationship with Terry Riley's music. In 1995 she gave the west coast premiere of his masterpiece The Heaven Ladder, Book VII and made the world premiere recording shortly after. Recently, Cheng and pianist/composer Thomas Ades joined together to premiere Ades' two piano Concert Paraphrase on Powder Her Face. When she is not performing, she teaches at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music where she initiated classes and programs that unite performers, composers and scholars.

Terry Riley hardly needs an introduction. In his six decade career he has influenced countless musicians in the classical, jazz, rock and electronic music scenes and shifted the paradigm of classical music forever with his 1964 composition, In C. His solo all-night concerts set the stage for the Raves that would follow decades later, and his early experiments with tape loops, tape delays, and the creation of the Time Lag Accumulator anticipated today's looping and sampling movement. Riley's list of collaborators include La Monte Young, Chet Baker, John Cale, Don Cherry, Krishna Bhatt, Gyan Riley, Stefano Scodanibbio, the Bang on a Can All Stars, artist Bruce Conner, and poet Michael McClure. Riley studied piano with Duane Hampton, Adolf Baller, and Wally Rose, and composition with Robert Erickson. He taught composition and Raga at Mills College in Oakland from 1971-1981.

The concert will include some of Riley's only fully notated works, played by Gloria Cheng, and also his semi-improvised works, performed by the composer. At the end of the evening they will come together to perform the newly composed work, Cheng Tiger Growl Roar, written specifically for the pair.

Source : https://www.sfstation.com/gloria-cheng-and-terry-riley-the-heaven-ladder-and-other-works-by-riley-e2370642

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Gloria Cheng & Terry Riley: The Heaven Ladder & other works by Riley
Terry Riley & Gloria Cheng: The Heaven Ladder
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