The 10 Best Music Festivals Of 2017

Greek-born, Belgian-raised brothers Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have music and theater in their blood. The pair have found incredible success standing side-by-side behind decks around the world. The duo has been crowned the Kings of Tomorrowland, stunned audiences around the world with high-octane, over-the-top performances, and topped the Dance Club Songs chart not once but three times.

Making music is a family affair, but the brothers also like to bring their friends into the studio. It keeps things fresh and opens the way for new perspectives, and variety is the spice that gives Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike's catalog such long legs. Whether they're giving it to you pop friendly or hard in the paint, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike songs linger in your head for hours, especially these 10 best tunes. From deep cuts to chart toppers, here are our favorites.

10. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs David Guetta Featuring


- "Complicated"

This ode to casual lovemaking and carefree lifestyles hit the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart in August of 2017. It's simple dance-pop hook and catchy chorus pushed it to No. 22 in December and topped the Dance Club Songs chart. It was also the brothers' first official collaboration with David Guetta and Kiiara. Next time your date tries to make you anxious, let "Complicated" remind them that life is for living, and tomorrow is so far away.

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