The Celebrity Approved Piece To Wear At The Airport

From a Friday night makeup look to getting fit, we often look to celebrities for daily inspiration. But from scrolling through their Instagram feeds, I think we can all agree that their fashion looks give us the most inspiration. And if there’s anything we learned from celebrities this month, it’s that comfort is key—especially when traveling.

Pia Wurtzbach, Lovi Poe, and Rhian Ramos all recently wore practically the same thing at the airport: a black shirt dress. Now who can blame them? An ideal piece for any girl on the go, it’s easy to throw on, it’s completely versatile, and it’s the ultimate piece to wear when you plan on dozing off right when you get on the airplane.

So if you’re heading out of the country anytime soon and need a little tip on how to fly in comfort and style, take notes from these jetsetters below.

Pia Wurtzbach

Pair your dress with something equally chic and comfortable like a pair of white sneakers.

Photo via @piaruwtzbach

Photo via @piaruwtzbach

Rhian Ramos

Go monochrome with black and white accessories to keep it simple yet interesting.

Photo via @whianwamos

Photo via @whianwamos

Lovi Poe

To elevate your shirt dress, add a neck scarf for a pop of color or a pair of boots for a little drama. Or you can always do both!

Photo via @lovipoe

Photo via @lovipoe

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The Celebrity-Approved Piece to Wear at the Airport
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