The Secrets Behind Creating Great Marketing Videos

Yes, but content marketing should be part of an overall plan. Namely, you should use content to attract you ideal customers into your world. Especially with social media.

See, we’ve hit the era of the social celebrity. Or better known online, as influencers. Funny name for someone. Anyway, people are getting paid the big bucks to endorse other companies products.

Does it work? I don’t know. But that’s not what today’s answer is about. Well not directly.

See, many individuals have money flowing their direction due to ‘owning’ a big social following. It’s easy work for them. They take a few pictures of themselves wearing a certain brands clothes, watches or products. Then they get paid.

If only all businesses were this easy!

This is a warning, if you’re building your company on one platform. One that you do not own…

It could be pulled from under you. In an instant. It’s unwise to build your ‘business property’ on someone else’s land. At any stage your social media account could be banned, things could go wrong etc.

All this can and does happen every single day. It’s a modern day horror story. Remember…

…It’s dangerous to become overly reliant on one lead or revenue generation strategy.

The goal (usually) with social outreach is to direct prospects, leads and create a community inside an online hub, that you own. Or at least, be present on multiple platforms. Just in case the worst happens.

There are many options available…

But, the best online asset…

Is building an email list. Actually, I’ll rephrase that. The aim with content and advertising is to get people onto your list.

Why? You ask…

Well, to name a few advantages:-

  1. If for some reason your main platform goes south. You can still communicate with your followers and notify them that you’ll be present elsewhere.
  2. You can keep in regular contact with people in a place that is NOT full of distractions.
  3. Every person who opens their inbox will see your content. Whether they read it or not, is another topic. On social media, about 10% (on a good day) see your posts.
  4. You own the list. You can back it up. In other words, it’s less restrictive about what you can and cannot do.
  5. People went to the effort to ‘opt in’ to hear from you on a regular basis. So they’ll be receptive of your emails.
  6. It’s easier to sell via email.
  7. You can switch to email communication and content, rather than social media.
  8. You’ve a group of people who’re interested in you, your company or your products and services. Otherwise they wouldn’t be on your list.
  9. It’s one of the cheapest forms of marketing.

There many more advantages. But there should be enough above to convince you that list building is important.

As said. This article is about protecting you from relying on just one platform. Another solution is…

Distribute content across a variety of mediums.

That way, if one is taken from you. It’s not so much of a fatal blow to your business.

Another point on building your list.

Getting people on your list is easy. Especially if you’ve a social following. Once your followers or connections enjoy your content already. They’ll happily opt in to receive more.

You could provide a lead magnet to bribe them onto your list. Think of it as an added-value piece of content. One where they trade their email address in return for something of high value

Or, if all else fails. Just ask your followers to join. Once you provide value on a regular basis. You won’t be on their spam radar.

Something to think about.

Like all things, it takes time. You will need to start with one platform. But, always remember to branch out.

Each post, video or blog is recruiting readers further into your world. Don’t mess it up by neglecting to ask for contact details.

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