The Case For Federally Legalizing All Drugs

Heroin, morphine, oxycondone, hydrocodone, are all opiates. Opium is an opiate. All adicting and all feature withdrawals. The worse withdrawal seems to be heroin withdrawal. I think heroin is the strongest of all of the opiates, although the synthetic fentadyl (misspelled no doubt) is the strongest.

The opiates and cocaine used to be legal, and you could buy products containing these drugs in stores. America did not implode. You just had people who would buy these drugs regularly. Some got hooked. So what? They were cheap and easily sourced. The problems are mostly created by making them illegal. We create more problems when we legislate morality, of this nature. You self create new criminals to spend money on. We still do it with prostitution too. The world's oldest profession. Yes, those laws sure waged a winning war on prostitution, just like it did with drugs. I think it is insanity myself. Spitting into the wind while spending probably trillions on it. Yeah, not too smart. In most other things a perpetual failure makes us reevaluate things. But not with this!! So of course it qualifies for utter insanity.

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The case for federally legalizing all drugs
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