This Chinatown Arcade Is One Of The Last Of Its Kind

Explore Singapore on your own!

Before you get drawn into the next tab that says the magic word “FREE“, I recommend doing this DIY Singapore layover tour by yourself if you rather want the flexibility to choose the places that you actually want to go to. After all, the free tours offered by Singapore Changi Airport typically don’t give you enough time to explore the city and its stops. This is aside from the fact that they have limited tour time slots.


  • Much like I’ve already mentioned above, this kind of Singapore layover itinerary is ideal if you have at least 6 hours in between your flights (8 hours being the safest) — this is taking into account traffic, transit, check-in and immigration times.
  • Don’t forget to leave your luggage at the airport. It’s best to leave your carry on too, as well as any other heavy backpacks because they will be a pain to carry when you explore the city.
    • All terminals in Singapore Changi Airport have baggage storage and counters and they are even available 24 hours daily. Prices for this typically start at USD$4. For more information, see here.
  • It’s also best that you have all of your flights under the same airline, if not operated by airline partners, so that you can have your checked in luggage go all the way to your destination. (This saves you the hassle of checking in your luggage again after your Singapore layover or stopover).
  • To know how to get in and around the city, scroll up and check the “Tips” section above.

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