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best iphone 8 plus cases

Apple’s latest iPhone rangeincludes the most desirable iPhones yet. The iPhone 8 Plus is the biggest of the bunch, with a beefed-up A11 processor, a dual-camera setup, and more power than you can shake a stick at. It’s no ugly nerd, either. Thanks to an all-new glass back, the new iPhone 8 Plus has looks to go along with its brains.

With those stylish new looks come new dangers. Smartphone glass has improved in leaps and bounds, but when you’re spending hundreds of dollars on an iPhone, do you really want to run the gauntlet with it? No one wants their iPhone to sport cracks, scratches, or worse — that’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best iPhone 8 Plus cases to keep your pride and joy safe and sound.

By the way, if you’re upgrading from an iPhone 7 Plus, then your existing case will work just fine. All the changes to the iPhone 8 Plus are internal, so our iPhone 7 Plus case picks will also serve you well. But there’s always an argument forgetting a new case for your new phone— so check out our picks below!

Slickwraps Retro Apple Case ($37)

best iphone 8 plus cases slickwraps

Apple hasn’t always been the world-straddling behemoth it is now, and there was once a time when Apple was known for making kooky little Macintosh computers. While it’s unlikely any Apple fan would want a return to those days, some might miss the unforgettable style of those early machines. This case from Slickwraps emulates those original machines, complete with beige styling and a rainbow-colored Apple logo. It’s made from hard polycarbonate with a soft TPU bumper, and should resist damage well. It also has a raised bezel to stop the phone from resting on harmful surfaces, and the button covers are large, easy to find, and protective.

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