UK Five Day Weather Forecast February 14

Here’s the latest five-day forecast for the UK and Ireland from The Weather Channel.

Higher pressure in the south will keep southern and southeastern areas mostly dry with sunny periods.

Elsewhere will be cloudier, with patchy rain from the northwest at times, generally light.

It will be mild, with temperatures 2 or 3C above normal for the time of year, increasing to 4C above normal over the weekend, before turning a little cooler to start next week.


A scattered light frost to start in the south before a dry, settled and sunny day here, with gentle southerly winds.

However, it will be mostly cloudy in Ireland and Scotland, with patchy rain in Scotland in the morning.

Another mild day with highs of 10 to 13C in the north and 11 to 14C in the south.

Predicted weather patterns and temperatures for Thursday night(The Weather Company)

Thursday night

Dry and mostly clear in England and Wales, with a scattered frost developing.

Ireland and Scotland will be mostly cloudy, with rain patches over western Ireland later in the night.

Minimum temperatures will be 6 to 9C in Ireland, with gentle to moderate southerly winds, and from 5 to 7C in northern Scotland and the south of England. Otherwise 1 to 4C with light southerly winds.

Predicted weather patterns and temperatures for Friday(The Weather Company)


Dry with sunny spells across much of England and Wales.

Cloud amounts will increase over Ireland and Scotland through the day while showery rain moves into western Ireland and northwest Scotland.

Winds gentle to moderate and southerly with maximum temperatures ranging from 10 to 13C in the north and 11 to 14C in the south.

Predicted weather patterns and temperatures for Friday night(The Weather Company)

Friday night

Starting clear in southeast England, but becoming partly cloudy.

Elsewhere will be cloudy with rain in western Ireland and northwest Scotland, extending across much of Scotland and Ireland, northwest England and west Wales by the end of the night.

Winds will be gentle southwesterly with minimum temperatures of 5 to 8C, but 4C in East Anglia.

Predicted weather patterns and temperatures for Saturday(The Weather Company)


Saturday will be mostly cloudy and dry for many, but with rain patches over Ireland and Scotland, as well as northwest England and west Wales in the morning.

Winds will be southwesterly and gentle to moderate.

Maximum temperatures will be around 9 to 12C in the north and 11 to 13C in the south.


Mild with continuing gentle to moderate southerly winds.

It will be dry with sunny spells in eastern England. Otherwise, cloudy with light rain patches.

Maximum temperatures will be 10 to 13 in the north and 10 to 14C in the south.


Feeling a little cooler, with gentle moderate winds shifting from southwesterly to westerly.

There will be sunny spells for many, but with showers in west and northwest Ireland, west Wales, northwest England and western Scotland, with more persistent rain in northwest Scotland.

Maximum temperatures will be 8 to 11C in the north and 10 to 12C in the south.

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