Very Bad News In Regards To Paige’s In Ring Future With WWE

As many fans know, Paige was injured a few weeks back at a WWE live event. She hasn’t wrestled since the injury and it was looking like she would be missing the Women’s Royal Rumble match.

We now have some worse news to share in regards to Paige and her in-ring future with WWE.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider is reporting that Paige is done as an in-ring performer with WWE. She was informed by doctors that she won’t be cleared to return to the ring after her most recent injury.

Johnson says that it is a similar situation to Edge’s medical disqualification from the ring several years back. Multiple sources confirm that she is “done” as an in-ring wrestler. Johnson says that Paige was given the news at RAW on Monday.

The report also says that it is likely she is moved to a non-physical role with the company moving forward. She is apparently very well liked by WWE management.

Obviously, this is heartbreaking news for Paige and also her fans. Shocking as well since she is only 25 years old.

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We will update with more details as they come in.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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Very Bad News In Regards To Paige’s In-Ring Future With WWE
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