YouTubers And Record Labels Are Fighting, And Record Labels Keep Winning

>Spotify is Building Shared-Queue Social Listening — >

Want to rock out together even when you’re apart? Spotify has prototyped an unreleased feature called “Social Listening” that lets multiple people add songs to a queue they can all listen to.

>Apple Is Finally Killing iTunes — >

Farewell to a clunky but world-shattering icon.

>YouTubers and record labels are fighting, and record labels keep winning — > 

 YouTube creators fight over copyright infringement on their videos is a never ending battle, but many creators are calling it the worst era ever. YouTube is trying to help lessen the problems, finding an equal balance for record labels and creators.

>Streaming the ‘DEAF’ album on Spotify will help raise money so deaf people can ‘hear’ music — > 

 The National Institute of Young Deaf People (INJS), in collaboration with Marcel Paris and Publicis, has released the ‘DEAF’ album: a totally silent, streamable Spotify record that finances a project designed to give deaf people the gift of music.

>Music Distributor Amuse Advances Royalties To Independent Artists — > 

 Co-Founder and CEO of record label and music distributor Amuse, Diego Farias, explains how his company can predict a hit song, find stars in the making and why they advance royalties.

>The Voice Experience with Spotify, Pandora and Amazon Music — >

We predict that a company branded voice user interface will soon be a must-have feature for almost all mobile phone apps.

>When You Should Give Away Your Music — > 

 Music takes money and time and sacrifice to create, and these are the times and situations where you should be giving your music away for free.

>Spotify Goes Big On Podcasts — > 

 Spotify redesigns UI to put focus on podcasts as the company goes big by spending $500 million on acquisitions to improve their standing amid competition.

>Loving The Music You Didn’t Grow Up With — > 

 Your taste in music used to revolve around the albums, songs, and artists you grew up with — not anymore.

>Streaming Vs. Radio: What is Gained and What is Lost? — > 

 Mark Smotroff misses his childhood magic transistor radio radio…

>Looking beyond streaming services: What comes next? — > 

 Streaming services are still viewed as the future of the music industry. But experience tells us that new things can take over more quickly than expected. What could come after streaming, DW’s Dina Slanjankic wonders.

>RIAA Helps Force Stream-Ripping Site Offline, Secures Subpoena to Identify Y2Mate Owners — > 

 The Recording Industry Association of America is ramping up efforts to combat stream-ripping sites, which allow users to create and download mp3 files from song streams on YouTube or SoundCloud.


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Spotify Building Shared-Queue Social Listening; Apple Finally Killing iTunes